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La Terraza de Marti

CIRCA 1882

 The home of cigar manufacturer Teodoro Perez will forever be a part of Key West’s strong ties to Cuba.  Teodoro was the owner of the Perez Cigar Factory, one of the largest factories in the 1890’s.  This is one of the few grand estates remaining built by a prominent cigar factory owner. Most of these impressive homes were either razed by fire, damaged by storms or were replaced in the name of progress.The house is best known for Jose Marti’s speech from the 2nd floor terrace during his visit to Key West on May 3, 1883 to address thousands of Cuban sympathizers.  Teodoro Perez welcomed the man who had become the symbol of Cuba’s bid for independence from Spain into his home to raise support and funds for the revolution.  Marti is acclaimed as a national hero in the Cuban Revolution and spoke and wrote passionately for the political and intellectual independence of all Latin Americans. His life’s works were an integral part of the success of the Cuban War of Independence against Spain.Today the former home of Teodoro Perez is La Te Da, a world-renown hotel, restaurant and cabaret.